OGM version

For the creation of...
1 video stream
multiple audio streams
multiple subtitle streams
and chapters

Software needed

DVDDecrypter    (official site)

DVD2AVI 1.76    (official site)

AviSynth 2.52   (official site)

SwiftAVS v1.15  (offical site)

VirtualDubMod   modified version of Avery Lee's VirtualDub (official site)

Ecuadors AVI Bitrate Calculator 2.91 DX   (official site)

DivX pro 5.1(adware)
or purchase the ad free version DivX pro    (offical site)

Guide to remove the DivX pro 5.1(adware) version spyware

Ogg DirectShow Filters    (official site)

Ogg Subtitle Filter   (offical site)

HeadAC3he v0.23a author Dark Avenger    (official site)
Install the dll files in the HeadAC3he folder.
If crashes occur with SSE or SSE2 dll files use MMX dlls instead.

VobSub 2.23    author Gabest    (official site)

SubRip 1.17.1    (official site)

ChapterXtractor v0.962    (official site)

Media Player Classic for Windows 2000/XP (official site)

Media Player Classic for Windows 98/me


If you find your ripping speed is slow, it may be set to PIO, at this setting it will take 40 - 60 minutes at 1x - 2x speed. You must change it to DMA (direct memory access) to increase the speed of the rip to the hard drive. To enable DMA on Windows 98, go to Control Panel>Systems>Device Manager>CD/DVD Drives>right click on the DVD drive select properties>Setting(tab)>check DMA then restart the computer.

To enable DMA on Windows 2000/xp, go to Control Panel>Systems>Hardware(tab)>Device Manager>IDE Ata/Atapi Controllers>Primary/Secondary IDE Channel>Advance Settings(tab)>Change PIO to DMA then restart the computer.

Make sure you save all files (for all stages) in the same folder and have 8 to 10 gigabytes free on your hard drive.




Open DVDDecrypter

Insert your DVD in your DVD ROM, and start up DVDDecrypter.

DVDDecrypter will automatically select the movie, and create a folder on the main harddrive.

Press the Start Button
When the process is finished close down DVDDecrypter


Go to File>Open>go to the folder where you saved the DVD, select the first VOB file,
click Open and DVD2AVI will automatically select the rest of the VOB files click OK




Select Video>Color Space>YUV 4:2:2



Select Video>Field Operation>None



Select Audio>Dolby Digital>Demux All Tracks


Press F5 and take a note of the Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, and Frame Type.

If you have Video Type-PAL and the Frame Type is Interlaced go to the slider bar and move it, if you notice lines you will need to use a deinterlace feature later on.

If you have Video Type-NTSC or FILM or FILM that stabilizes at 95%-99% and the Frame Type Is Progressive Go to Video>Field Operations>Force Film

If you have Video Type-FILM the Frame Type-Interlaced move the slider bar, if there isnt any lines Go to Video>Field Operations>Force Film

Press Esc(on the keyboard) to stop the preview.




 Move the slider bar and you may notice interlaced artefacts(lines appearing), take a close look at the image on the right. This means that you need to Deinterlace the video. So take a note of this.



Press F4 or go to File>Save Project, type in the movies name hit save.

When the process is finished you will have a d2v file and ac3 or mpa files.

Close DVD2AVI.

Open SwiftAVS


Select Open File, browse to your ripped folder and select the DVD2AVI project file, next under
Avisynth Version select Avisynth 2.5x.

If yon noticed that the video had interlaced artefacts as discussed before in the DVD2AVI section, under IVTC/Deinterlace select Deinterlace.


Open DVD2AVI project file.



Select Crop & Resize tab

Select Manual Crop: select Crop button.


A new window will appear.

Move the slider bar until, the black bars are noticable, and crop the with the tools provided.
Close the window, click OK when the Crop MOD4 window appears.



Look on the back of the DVD cover where you will find a ratio that relates to the height and width of the movie (2.35:1). Check the table below (it is not recommended to go higher than 700 for the width. I have chosen 640x272, width - 640 height - 272, choose 576 (width) for lower bitrates.


If the ratio isnt on the DVD cover, try here http://us.imdb.com/ type the film in search, on the left of the films page, click on technical specs......

(Still on the Crop & Resize tab)

Select Completely Manual Resize in the boxes type in your desired Aspect Ratio.

Select Bilinear in the Resize Filter drop down box.

Saving the Script

Select the Output tab

Click on Generate AviSynth Script and then Save the AviSynth script.

Close SwiftAVS



If your DVD came with multiple dubbed audio tracks and/or commentaries, open the audio files with
Media Player Classic(you may need AC3 filter 0.70 installed). Select which tracks you want.

(If your going to burn the video to a DVDR or the video you wish to convert has a short running
time, you can use the demuxed ac3/mpa tracks intstead, so you can skip the Audio section.)

Go to Source File browse to the folder and open the ac3 or mpa file(audio) you made with DVD2AVI.

Go to Destination Format go to the
drop down box and select either MP3 or Vorbis.

(If you have never used Vorbis(ogg) for audio, give to a go).

Select Options>> Go to Downmix Type and select Surround 2.

Under Output Channels, in the Left and Right or Center(of your audio source is mono)drop down box select no

Click Options>> again,

If you chose MP3
Leave default settings Preset: Alt ABR andMode: ABR

Go to Bitrate:
Leave the default settings or chose a higher or lower bitrate.

If you chose Vorbis
Leave default settings or change the Quality.

Click Start


Repeat the Audio process for the other audio tracks. When I use more than one audio track such as commentary by directors/actors I select a lower bitrate such as 56kbps for MP3 or set Vorbis Quality to 0.00 (64kbps) for CD or use higher rates if burning to DVDR..

Once the encoding has finished close Headac3he.

Go to the ripped folder and determine the size in MB for all of the mp3 or ogg audio files. What I do is, enable the Status Bar in Windows Explorer (View>tick Status Bar), next I press Ctrl on the keyboard and select/highlight all mp3/ogg files, and the Status Bar will give me the size in MB.

Take a note of the size.

Open SubRip select the VOB button in the top right hand corner.
Open IFO
Browse to ripped folder, open IFO file..
Select desired Language stream from the drop down box.
Select Start
Now for the tricky section... What is required for you part is to type in the characters, first character for my part is the uppercase letter A (as shown above) which needs to be typed in. Each time you type in a character SubRip rembembers the character, so usually you will need to type that character once.


If SubRip selects two characters during the process, simpilally type in the two characters (as shown above).
If characters that dont occur on the keyboard such as ©, ½ etc, select the Character Map and search for correct character, and copy/paste into Subrip.
Some problems can occur such as the percent character(%) , SubRip may only select ° of the percent character, so what I do is type in % for the SubRip ° selection, then just click OK for the other sections of %.

When finished go to Corrections>Post OCR Spelling Correction, in the bottom window.


Select your desired language click Correct!
Go to Output Format>Set Output Format.

Highlight SubRip (*.srt) click
Convert to this Format.

In the top window go to Character Matrix>Save Character Matrixs File

his saves the DVD subtitle characters in SubRips ChMatrix folder, so when doing another DVD, you can check if you have already saved the DVD subtitle characters, by selecting Search for an existing Matrix that match for this Character

Finally in the bottom text window go to File>Save As and save in your ripped folder.
It is usually a good idea to check the spelling, open the saved subrip file with notepad, and copy and paste all into a program that supports spelling checks eg Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

You can repeat this process for other languages/commentaries to add to the video, when doing so remember to select Search for an existing Matrix that match for this Character.


Sometimes while watching a DVD someone will speak in a foreign language briefly and subtitles will appear. As an example, while watching Lord Of The Rings an Elf will speak elvish and english subtitles will appear for translation. These subtitles wont appear in the language drop down box, so you have to enable Forced Subtitles, here is how you do it.
Go to Options>Global Options


Tick- Force subtitles only

click OK

Select Start

and do the process as discussed.



open ChapterXtractor


Under Raw Data tab select Open IFO, browse to your ripped folder and select the IFO file.

Select Format tab

next to Preset: drop down box select OGG

Save data as chapters

Close ChapterXtractor

Now we have an AviSynth Script, one or multiple Audio tracks, one or multiple Subtitle file and Chapters.

 Open VirtualdubMod
Go to File>Open video file... or press Ctrl+O and select the AviSynth script you made with SwiftAVS..


                 Go to Video>Fast recompress





Go to Streams>Video chapters



Select Import and open the chaptersXtractor file.

Next look on the DVD cover, their you will find the chapters hightlight the first chapter and write in Name: the first chapter eg 1.Logo/Credits. Select Edit, do the same for the rest of the chapters. For myself I take an easier way, go to http://www.blockbuster.com type the movie name in search, in the movies details page select DVD Features: where usually the DVD chapters are kept, and copy and paste the chapters. You will need to use the keyboard for pasting
(Ctrl V) into VirtualDubMod Chapter section.

When finished click OK.

Go to Streams>Stream list



Select Add go to your ripped folder and select your first desired audio stream, do this step for other audio streams, then do this step again to add your subtitles.

Image on the right shows
two audio streams(1&2) and two subtitle streams(3&4).

Click OK

Video Bitrate


In the VirtualDubMod main window click on the End button , which will bring the slider to the end of the Track Bar
which will show the movies length. Take a note of the length eg (1 hour, 35 minutes,48.79 seconds)



Open Ecuadors AVI Bitrate Calculator
(Dont close VirtualDubMod)

Select Video Bitrate Calc

Basic Settings

In Hr:Min:Secs, enter the videos length as worked out from VirtualDub eg

Audio Bitrate kbps set to 0 from the drop down box.

No.Of CDs select 1.

Extra Settings

CD Capacity (MB) select your CD/DVDR size eg 700/800MB, or If you want to copy to DVDR you can have 4 good quality movies, at 1000MB etc.

My goal in CD size I set is 699MB for a 700MB CD or 799MB for 800MB CD etc.

As discussed in the Audio section, we determined the audio size in MB eg 89MB

Extra material (MB) type in 89, it is a good idea to add an extra 2MB eg 91.

DivX version select 4/5

Click on Advance

Select frame Type PAL 25 fps, NTSC 23.976 fps or NTSC 29.97 as discussed in DVD2AVI. click OK

Write down the Estimated Video Bitrate i.e. 878 kbps

Close Ecuadors AVI Bitrate Calculator.



Go back to VirtualDubMod

Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C

A new window will appear.

Select DivX Pro(tm) 5.1 Codec
Click Configure
A new window will appear.
Click the DivX Codec tab

Go to Variable bitrate mode choose
Multipass 1st pass.

Go to Encoding bitrate type in eg 878
as calculated from Ecuadors AVI Bitrate Calculator.

Under Performance/Quality use thr default Standard but if you have plenty of time or fast computer, select slow or slowest for better quality.


Check Write MV file: box.



Click the Video tab
Psychovisual Enhancements
use default settings

Go to Max Keyframes
Max Keyframe interval .... frames
For PAL movies type in 250.
For NTSC movies type in 300.
Click OK


Select Settings in the lower left corner.

Check Disable the feedback window


Click OK to bring you back to the main window.



Go to File>Save as... or press F7
A new window will appear.


Next to File name: type in the movies name
eg Sanjuro

Next to Save as type: select
Ogg Media File (*.ogm) in the drop down box.

Check Dont run this job now; add it to job
control so I can run it in batch mode
box .

click Save


Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C (again)

A window will appear.



Select DivX Pro 5.1 Codec (again)
Click Configure
A window will appear.

Click the DivX Codec tab

Go to Variable bitrate mode
choose Multipass, nth pass

Check Update log file if you
wish to do more than two passes.


Click OK
Click OK again to bring you back to the main window.

Go to File>Save as... or press F7
A window will appear.


click Save.

Two passes have now been saved.

If you wish to improve video quality,
Go to File>Save as... or press F7
select Save, (make sure you have checked
Update log file as discussed before) thus saving
Multipass, nth pass a second time (third pass)
Next Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C
Select DivX Pro(tm) 5.1 Codec
Click Configure
untick Write MV file: and Update log file box
Go to File>Save as... or press F7
select Save

Four passes have now been saved.



If you want to use the computer in dub mode
(which will take 4-6 hours)
Go to Options>Preferences...
A new window will appear.


Click on the Main tab
Go to Dub defaults
Next to Process priority click the drop
down box and select Idle.


Next step

Go to File>Job control or press F4

A new window will appear.




Make sure you have Job 1 and Job 2 (or Job 1,2,3 and 4 if chosen 4 passes as discussed before)

If you want the computer to shuts down after the process has completed select Options>Shut down when finished

Now click Start

This process will take some time.