It's recommend that you don't use this guide. Why? Because we are getting the opportunity to use this codec free of charge and one of the few ways DivXNetworks(DXN) can make money is by using adware and selling the pro codec. The more money they make the more resources they can make available to improve on future codecs they release. If more and more people disable the adware, DXN might have to start charging us for the use of their codec. Of course this is all up to you :-)... by powerdup

Software Section

Software needed to remove Gator/Gain
removal of gain_trickler_3202.exe
Ad-aware 6
Freeware that removes Spyware

When running Ad-aware 6 remember that you don't delete the
Gator registry key clsid\{21ffb6c0-0da1-11d5-a9d5-00500413153c}.
If deleted DivX pro 5.1 won't work

A Firewall
If you don't have a Firewall you can download 'ZoneAlarm' a freeware Firewall
or purchase ZoneAlarm Plus or ZoneAlarm pro.

Download and install
ZoneAlarm (if you don't have a Firewall)

Download and install
Ad-aware 6 (official site)
Connect to the internet, run Ad-aware 6
Click 'Check for updates now' When update is completed, close down
Ad-aware 6 and disconnect your internet connection.

(restart the computer if required)

First Step
Install DivX pro 5.1.1 (Adware).

Second Step
Gain will attempt to access the internet, 'Block It' with
your Firewall or with ZoneAlarm check the box and click 'No'.

If you have ZoneAlarm
Double click the ZoneAlarm icon in the Systems Tray .
A new window will appear.
Click 'Program Control'
Scroll down until you find fsg_4104.exe
Under Access and Server in the 'Internet' column should now have a X
and the 'Trusted' column should have a ?.
In both 'Trusted' columns left click the ? and select X block.


Ad-aware and Spybot used to be able to find and delete gator programs, but it seems they won't do it any more, but with find some files and registry keys! sooooo you have to delete the spy program manually.

This is one way of doing it...

Next look down where you will find fsg_4104.exe located under "Entry Detail", if you don't have Zonealarm, use Windows file and folder search. Once you located fsg_4104.exe and opened the folder,

eg. folder C:\Documents and Settings\Nano\Settings\Temp\~vis0000

press Ctrl,Alt,Delete or right click on the systems tray and click on 'Task Manager'. to open Windows Task Manager. Under "Processes" highlight fsg_4104.exe, next select "End Process" now you can manually delete fsg_4104.exe.

Third Step
Go to start>Run... a new window will appear.


Type 'msconfig' >click OK
A new window will appear.
Go to 'Startup' tab
Scroll down and uncheck 'fsg_4104' box

Click 'Apply'
Click 'OK'
Restart the computer
When the computer has restarted, a window may appear, asking if you
want to run msconfig at startup, check the box and click 'No'

Fourth Step
Run Ad-aware 6

Click Start > Next

When search has finished make sure the 'Gator/Claria' applications are ticked, but DO NOT TICK
HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{21ffb6c0-0da1-11d5-a9d5-00500413153c}registry key.

I check all the other boxes as well, but doing so could
disable other programs that are spyware/adware supported)

Click 'Next' then OK to complete the process.