AVI guide

Software needed

All software found in the Software Section

SmartRipper 2.40 author TRON

DVD2AVI 1.76

VFAPI Reader Codec v1.05
In the VFAPI folder install 'vifpset.bat' (you may also need to restart your computer).


Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator

DivX pro 5.1.1(adware) or purchase the
ad free version DivX pro

Guide to remove the
'DivX pro 5.1(adware)' version spyware

HeadAC3he v0.23a
Install the dll files in the HeadAC3he folder.
If crashes occur with SSE or SSE2 dll files use MMX dlls instead.

Nandub v1.0rc2

Permenent Subtitles
VobSub 2.23
Make sure you have installed VirtualDub first.

Changeable Subtitles 
needs VobSub installed to view subtitles.

If a software link is down, use a
search engine to find the software.

If you find your ripping speed is slow, it may be set to PIO, at this setting it will take 40 - 60 minutes at 1x - 2x speed. You must change it to DMA (direct memory access) to increase the speed of the rip to the hard drive. To enable DMA on Windows 98, go to Control Panel>Systems>Device Manager>CD/DVD Drives>right click on the DVD drive select properties>Setting(tab)>check DMA then restart the computer.

To enable DMA on Windows 2000/xp, go to Control Panel>Systems>Hardware(tab)>Device Manager>IDE Ata/Atapi Controllers>Primary/Secondary IDE Channel>Advance Settings(tab)>Change PIO to DMA then restart the computer.

Make sure you save all files (for all stages) in the same folder and have 8 to 10 gigabytes free on your hard drive.



Open SmartRipper

Insert your DVD in your DVD ROM, and start up SmartRipper.exe, if SmartRipper has trouble
reading the vob files, play the DVD for about half a minute, close the player and open SmartRipper again.

Go to 'Target' and create a 'New Folder' in a directory that can easily located i.e. My Documents, save it under the DVD's title.

(If you wish to apply subtitles do not uncheck the 0x?? stream under 'Stream Processing')

Go to Setting and make sure the setting are the same as below.

click 'OK'

Press the 'Start' Button

It will take about 12-15 minutes to copy all the VOB files to your hard drive.

close down SmartRipper



Go to File>Open>go to the folder where you saved the DVD, select the first VOB file,
click 'Open' and DVD2AVI will automatically select the rest of the VOB files click 'OK'




Select Video>Color Space>YUV 4:2:2



Select Video>Field Operation>None

To find the correct Audio Stream, go to the ripped
folder and open the 'INFO.txt' file Here you can find
English is the 1st Audio stream, (only 1 video stream) so in DVD2AVI you go to Audio>Track Number>Track 1
or French is the 4th audio stream, so in DVD2AVI you
go to Audio>Track Number>Track 4 etc




* Stream Info *

Stream[001] X=[[0xE0] Video PAL 720x576] [] [] [] []
Stream[002] X=[[0x80] Audio English AC3(2Ch) 48kHz ] [] [] [] []
Stream[003] X=[[0x81] Audio Deutsch AC3(6Ch) 48kHz ] [] [] [] []
Stream[004] X=[[0x82] Audio Espa˝ol AC3(2Ch) 48kHz ] [] [] [] []
Stream[005] X=[[0x83] Audio Franšais AC3(2Ch) 48kHz ] [] [] [] []
Stream[006] X=[[0x84] Audio Italiano AC3(2Ch) 48kHz ] [] [] [] []



Select Desired Audio Track



Select Audio>Dolby Digital>Demux

If you have problems with finding the audio select 'Demux All Tracks' and play all in a Media Player (that can play AC3 dolby digital) until you find the desired language.

Press F5 and take a note of the Aspect Ratio, Frame Rate, and Frame Type>press Esc(on the keyboard).

If you have 'Video Type-PAL' and the Frame Type is Interlaced go to the slider bar and move it, if you notice lines you will need to use a deinterlace feature later on.

If you have 'Video Type-NTSC or FILM or FILM 95%-99%' and the Frame Type Is Progressive Go to Video>Field Operations>Force Film

If you have 'Video Type-FILM' the 'Frame Type-Interlaced move the slider bar, if there isn't any lines Go to Video>Field Operations>Force Film



 Move the slider bar and you may notice interlaced artefacts(lines appearing), take a close look at at this image(click here). This means that you need to Deinterlace the video. So take a note of this.

Press F4 or go to File>Save Project, type in the movies name hit save.

When the process is finished you will have a d2v file and ac3 or mpa file.

Close DVD2AVI.

 Open VFAPI Reader

VFAPI makes a fake avi file that reads the VOB files, this is the quickest process(about 3-10 seconds).
Click 'Add file' open the d2v file you just made, another window will pop up.

click 'OK'


Click 'Convert' the process takes 3-5 seconds

Exit VFAPI Reader


 Open Virtualdub

Go to File>Open video file... or press Ctrl+O and select the fake AVI file you made with VFAPI Reader.
eg virtuosity_d2v_vfapi.avi


                 Go to Video>Full processing mode




                        Go to Video>Filters... or press Ctrl+F.

                A new window will appear. Click 'Add'...



 Scroll down and select 'null transform' click 'OK'.



          Click 'Cropping...' a new window will appear.



Move the slider bar to a bright area. Now use the tools in the window or mouse to crop all black areas.


The result will look like this. Click 'OK'.

Aspect Ratio

Click 'Add...' again scroll down and select
'resize' and click 'OK'. A new window will appear.


Look on the back of the DVD cover where you will find a ratio that relates to the height and width of the movie (2.35:1). Check the table below (it is not recommended to go higher than 700 for the width. I have chosen 640x272, ' width - 640' ' height - 272', choose 576 (width) for lower bitrates.

Go to 'Filter mode' select 'Precise bilinear'.
Press OK to bring you back to the 'Filters'.


If the ratio isn't on the DVD cover try here http://us.imdb.com/ type the film in search, on the left of the films page, click on 'technical specs'......


If it was found that you had interlaced artefacts as discussed before, you need to preform a deinterlace feature.

Go to Video>Filters...
Click 'Add'
Scroll down to 'deinterlace'
Click 'OK'

A new window will appear.

Check 'Blend fields together (best)'

Click 'OK'
Click 'OK' to bring you back to the main window.





Permanent Subtitles

Changeable Subtitles


Video Bitrate


In the VirtualDub main window click on the 'End' button , which will bring the slider to the end of the Track Bar
which will show the movies length. Take a note of the length eg (1 hour, 41 minutes, 31.88 seconds)


Open Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator
(Don't close VirtualDub)

Select Video Bitrate Calc

Basic Settings

In Hr:Min:Secs, enter the videos length as worked out from VirtualDub eg 1:41:31.88.

Audio Bitrate kbps select between 96 kbps - 192kbps, if you want to sacrifice audio quality for better quality video choose 96 kbps.

No.Of CD's select 1.

Extra Settings

CD Capacity (MB) select your CD size eg 700MB.

Extra material (MB) select 0.

DivX version select 4/5

Click on Advance

Select frame Type PAL 25 fps, NTSC 23.976 fps or NTSC 29.97 as discussed in DVD2AVI. click OK

Write down the 'Estimated Video Bitrate' i.e. 842 kbps

Close Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator


Go back to VirtualDub

Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C

A new window will appear.

Select 'DivX Pro(tm) 5x Codec'
Click 'Configure'
A new window will appear (DivX pro GUI).
Click the 'DivX Codec' tab

Go to 'Variable bitrate mode' choose
'Multipass 1st pass'.

Go to 'Encoding bitrate' type in '842'
as calculated from Ecuador's AVI Bitrate Calculator.

Under Performance/Quality use thr default 'Standard' but if you have plenty of time or fast computer, select 'slow' or 'slowest'.


Check 'Write MV file:' box.



Click the 'Video' tab
'Psychovisual Enhancements'
use default settings

Go to 'Max Keyframes'
'Max Keyframe interval .... frames'
For PAL movies type in 250.
For NTSC movies type in 300.
Click 'OK'


Select 'Settings'

Check 'Disable the feedback window'


Click 'OK' to bring you back to the main window.



Go to File>Save as AVI or press F7
A new window will appear.


Check 'Don't run this job now; add it to job
control so I can run it in batch mode'
in the lower left hand corner (this is important).
Next to 'File name:' type in the movies name
eg 'Virtuosity' click 'Save'


Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C (again)

A window will appear.



Select 'DivX Pro 5x Codec' (again)
Click 'Configure'
A window will appear.
Click the 'DivX Codec' tab

Go to 'Variable bitrate mode'
choose 'Multipass, nth pass'
check 'Update Log File'


Click 'OK'
Click 'OK' again to bring you back to the main window.

Go to File>Save as AVI... or press F7
A window will appear.


Again check
'Don't run this job now; add it to job
control so I can run it in batch mode'
in the lower left hand corner
(this is important).
click 'Save'.

Two passes have now been saved.

If you wish to improve video quality,
Go to File>Save as AVI... or press F7
select 'Save', thus saving
'Multipass, nth pass' a second time (third pass)
Next Go to Video>Compression or Ctrl+C
Select 'DivX Pro(tm) 5.1 Codec'
Click 'Configure'
untick 'Write MV file:' box
Go to File>Save as AVI... or press F7
select 'Save'

Four passes have now been saved.



If you want to use the computer in dub mode
(which will take 4-6 hours)
Go to Options>Preferences...
A new window will appear.
Click on the 'Main' tab
Go to 'Dub defaults'
Next to 'Process priority' click the drop
down box and select 'Idle'.


Next step

Go to File>Job control or press F4

A new window will appear.



Make sure you have 'Job 1 and Job 2' (or Job 1,2,3 and 4 if chosen 4 passes as discussed before)
Now click 'Start'

This process will take some time.


When the process has finished you will have a near DVD quality DivX video (no audio),
eg Virtuosity.avi.

 Open Headac3he (Audio)

Go to 'Source File' browse to the folder and open the ac3 or mpa file(audio) you made with DVD2AVI.

Go to 'Destination Format' go to the
drop down box and select MP3.




If you have an older version Sound Card
you will have to check 'Resample to 44.1 kHz'.


Select Options>>
Go to 'Downmix Type' and select '2ch'.



Under Output Channels, in the Left and Right or Center(of your audio source is mono)drop down box select no


Next step is work out how large the Audio is going to be. (don't close Headac3he minimize it)
Open 'Windows Explorer' go to the DVD rip folder, right click the avi file you just made eg Virtuosity.avi go to properties and look at the size.

The avi size is for example 609mb, subtract 609mb from 700mb (1 CD) and subtract 3mb (700-609-3=88) write down 88.


Go back to Headac3he

Click 'Options>>' again

Next to Preset: select 'Alt ABR'
Next to Mode: select 'ABR'

Go to 'Bitrate:'
Go to 'Ave:' click the up and down box until the Destination File Size: is 88MB as worked out before.
In 'Channel Mode' check 'Joint Stereo'.

Click 'Start'


Once the encoding has finished close Headac3he.

Open Nandub


Go to File>Open video file... or press Ctrl+O.

Open the encoded avi file, not the VFAPI avi file.



Go to Video>Direct stream copy


Go to Audio>Direct stream copy


Go to Audio>(VBR) MP3 audio...
A window will appear
Select the mp3 you made with Headac3he.


Go to File>Save as AVI... or press F7
A window will appear.

Next to 'File Name' type in a 'new name' for the movie eg 'Virtuosity with audio' etc, the file name must be different..

Click 'Save'

In one to two minutes your movie
will be complete with sound.

If the Video is in sync with the Sound and the size is at or just under 700MB eg 699MB thats it! You can now close down all programs, burn it to CD or transfer it to a Videos folder and delete the folder where the files were held....

If your movie is a few mb over 700mb for 1 CD eg 703mb go back to Headac3he and change the 88mb to 86mb or 85mb and then follow the Nandub guide again.

If the video isn't in sync with the audio go to
the Audio/Video synchronization page