VirtualDub 1.5.10 - video editing tool - author Avery Lee
(official site)

VirtualDubMod - video editing tool (offical site)
AviSynth v2.52 - frameserving tool (official site)
Nandub binary 1.0rc2 - video editing tool author Nando
SmartRipper 2.40 - DVD ripper author TRON
SwiftAVS 1.50- avisynth script generator (official site)
DVD2AVI 1.76 - creates d2v, avi and demux/decode audio from ripped DVD's (official site)
VobSub 2.23 - subtitles - author Gabest (official site)

Lame 2.92 (Win) mp3 audio

To install Lame go to the extracted folder, open the ACM folder, right click LameACM.inf, select install

Ad-aware spyware removal tool (official site)


HeadAC3he v0.23a download (audio tool)
by Dark Avenger
(official site)
If crashes occur use MMX instead of SSE or SSE2 dll files
install in theHeadAC3he folder
install in theHeadAC3he folder
Choose either MMX.dlls, SSE.dlls or SSE2.dlls and place the dll files in the HeadAC3he folder.
MMX dlls
required for
Athlon (non-XP) 
Pentium II / Duron
SSE dlls
required for
Athlon XP /Pentium III
Celeron - PIII core
Duron - Morgan core
required for
Pentium 4