Future technologies suggest a diamond age is nearly apon us, giving humans an edge by using precision instruments called assemblers. These assemblers are incredibly small molecular machines, able to manipulate matter quickly and cheaply by moving individual atoms and capable to grow almost any material or structure such as diamond. Natural diamond is made by carbon under high pressure and the random movement of carbon atoms, which eventually lock together. Nanotechnology has the ability to dissassemble carbon structures such as coal or graphite and rearrange the carbon atoms to make diamond structures.

Nanotechnology has the ability to give humans godlike powers. It also represents the next step after the bio age, the diamond age.



Good Side Of Nanotechnology

End of world hunger
Using assemblers to synthesize desired food from soil and air, which can put a stop to farming on earth. Once I travelled to Ireland, and on the way I looked out of the aeroplane's window and saw squares and rectangles on the ground as far as the eye can see, all farms. It would be nice to replace those farms with indigenous flora and fauna.

Super cures and near immortality
Nanomedicine that will seek out diseases and destroy them, and cell repair machines that can rejuvenate old or damage cells.

A nice place to live
Having your own work force of assemblers, a structure program and real estate - you can have a super strong house or castle in baroque style that will clean and repair itself. Massive structures in space could accommodate billions of people.

Inexpensive outer space vehicles

Billions of times more intelligent and faster than current technology.

Dark Side Of Nanotechnology

Smart diseases
Able to seek out a particular race and destroy them.

Grey Goo
Naughty nanobots that replicate themselves exponentially due to human error, turning the world to dust. Our only hope is blue goo that kung fus grey goo.

Other grey goo scenarios
Gold Goo - Green Goo - Khaki Goo - Red Goo

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